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John Cowan is a strategist and navigator. John finds the dynamic nature of real estate exciting and motivating. His intuition and expertise provide a unique perspective for his clients.

John grew up in the Seattle area. After owning and managing multiple businesses, John moved into real estate in 2008 at the urging of friend and former coworker, Bryan Loe. Starting just months before the recession, John was quickly tested. John and Bryan developed a thriving business partnership despite the downturn.

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Strategic relationships with 70+ builders and developers in the Seattle area set John apart. Firsthand knowledge and connection gives you an advantage as a buyer or seller.

Specialized expertise in land development, sales, and marketing. No matter your real estate need, John has the experience and knowledge required.


John Cowan and his team did a fantastic job helping us navigate what was, for us, a complicated transaction - the sale of two rental properties and purchase of a home we eventually plan to live in. John made sure everything came together smoothly, and kept us informed as needed without wasting any time. His experience, builder connections and understanding of the market enabled us to sell our rentals at the price and timeline we needed. He worked magic to get our purchase timing to line up with a long close in a hot market. I would certainly work with John and his team again.

-Mark V.

Meet the Team

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Blake Budden Windermere
Blair Grimes Home Docket
Senior Broker | Land Development
Bryan Loe is the team’s tactician. His goal-driven nature and high-energy propel the team forward. Bryan has no time for excuses and will find creative solutions to any problem.
Broker | Research & Development
Blake has a strong background in working with buyers and sellers. Blake’s reputation for excellent customer service, clear communication, and attention to detail sets him apart. He has an incredible ability to develop rapport and put people at ease.
Licensed Assistant
Blair keeps the team organized and efficient. With a masters degree in social work and a history of working in hospitals, she is skilled in a fast paced, dynamic environment.
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